POP4 vs POP5???

Fred Hyde fred.hyde at epicentre.com
Fri Mar 31 16:18:43 EST 2000

We're trying to find out the main differences between POP4 and POP5 for use
in genotyping. We're running a set of samples on a ABI 310 and have
excellent results using POP4, but we've been told by PE Bio that POP5 is not
available for the 3700 which we hope to adapt our method to. Can anyone give
information on the differences between POP4 and POP5? And, is there any
reason that POP4 CAN'T be used on an ABI 3700? How well does POP5 work for
genotyping on a 3700? PE Bio tech support could not provide answers to us.

Many thanks in advance...

Fred in Madison


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