PE 5th Dye- Lane Identifier Kit

Werner wwitkeNOwwSPAM at earthlink.net.invalid
Thu Mar 30 23:06:56 EST 2000

We've had the annoying problem of stopping midway or partway
into the run but we work with the older 373.  We had ABI out
here several times, never solving the problem.  I haven't
seen a 377 in operation but this may be similar to our
problem.  We can tell if it's going to happen by opening the
status window right after starting the run.  If the 377 has
such a window, you'll see it starts to fill in the white
time bar with blue coloring as the run proceeds.  If you see
a slightly shaded gray bar appear from the begining to
anywhere further out, the run will stop as soon as the blue
reaches the gray.  We just cancel the run and turn off and
reset the instrument.  Works

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