ABI 310 DNA sequencer and Pop6

Paddy Tighe paddy.tighe at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Mar 21 10:04:58 EST 2000

Hi,  we routinely use the short capillary only, a 310 can give very good
seq with the long cap, but frankly the time element is against you, it is
often not worth setting up for the long runs.  We have found that by
keeping the short capillary on all the time, we can  almost instantly
switch between genescan and sequencing (weekdays and weekends respectively)
just by changing the polymer.
regarding your problem with resolution, we experienced this early last
year, and I have the firm believe it was a bad polymer batch (which PE
replaced of course) but we weren't ever told that.
We run our machine almost continuously and found that it  actually improves
capillary life, they don't like being left in water!  We average over 1000
runs per cap at the moment and our last capillary is currently at 1700+
runs and still delivering 450+ bases of seq!



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