Regenerate Array error workaround.

Barbara Simionati rhteam at eos.bio.unipd.it
Tue Mar 21 05:34:26 EST 2000

We had the same problem here and I think it is not due to the 1.1
collection version since the first time it happened to us we still had
version 1.0.
The error that we got was the same:  "FMCuvetteBlock Object: Unable to
Attain Pressure from 8 Syringes of Fluid" and we couldn't run
successfully a Regenerate Array.
Every time the Wisard stopped when trying to presurize the cuvette to 80
We tried not to change the filter but nothing changed, and after every
attempt in the first runs (3-5) many capillaries seemed to be closed.
After many tries, our PE technician found that the problem was a valve
that coused a leakage when the pressure was very high, he changed it and
the problem is definitely solved now.


 Barbara Simionati
 GRUP Sequencing Core
 CRIBI Biotechnology Centre
 and Department of Biology
 University of Padua, Italy


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