Major Gel Problems!

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> Hi,
> I have to two ABI 377's and have been having a problem with consistent
> data. I recently switched to Amersco's 5.25% Gene-page and am also using
> their TBE packets for our 48cm XL runs. Recently, my gels appear to be
> splitting up the middle (blank in the middle with samples showing up on
> the edges) and pushing the samples out of the reading range so I cannot
> track the gel accurately. The samples appear to be fine (the ones that
> show up). I've talked to Perkin-Elmers tech support and have perfomed an
> acid wash on the plates. I've also used the Seque-Strip from Sigma and
> am still having problems. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this
> sort problems on their gels before?
> Thanks in advance!
> Sonia
> ---

It could possibly be the manner in which the plates are stored after pouring.
We experienced this problem when stacking the plates (with styrofoam blocks
between) for storage.  It saves storage space but the weight of the
successive plates (with the blocks in the center) caused the plates to be
more thin in the center.  After storing the plates only two high the problem
was fixed.

I'm assuming the number and types of clips used are the same as before you
saw the problem.

Lastly,  we have seen black areas in the middle of the gel when the plates
aren't as clean as they could be.  But these areas are sporadic and
unpredicatable. If you are consistently seeing the dark areas in exactly the
same area of the gel and you have thoroughly cleaned the plates, then I would
look at how they are stored or cassetted into the machine.

Dan Bentley

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