Simon Margerison simon.margerison at camb-antibody.co.uk
Wed Mar 15 06:43:32 EST 2000


I run a core DNA Sequencing group and we are looking to increase
throughput in the next 6-12 months by purchasing a 96 capillary

My question relates to sample preparation to supply this machine. There
are lots of people out there with these high throughput machines and I
was wondering what people are using to prepare their sequencing

99% of our reactions are on PCR products so we need something that would
clean these up (vacuum manifold??), make up sequencing reaction mix,
seal plates, cycle, then clean up dye terminator reactions (Vacuum
manifold again??)

I have started to look at the tecan work stations and various "add ons"
but rather than re-invent the wheel I was wondering if there was a
solution already out there. A fully automated "walk away" system would
be great as this would mean it could run overnight, also 384 well
capability would be useful.  It is essential that the machine has the
capacity to supply at least one capillary sequencer at max throughput
(800-1000 samples/day??).

If anyone has any suggestions or even a full solution I would be
grateful for your input. If you want to reply by email that's fine and I
will post a summary (anonymous) of the results on the group.

Thanks in advance for any responses

Simon Margerison


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