5th dye lane guide on ABI 377

Tor Slettnes tor at slett.net
Wed Mar 15 03:50:10 EST 2000

>>>>> "Frazer" == Frazer Murray <frazer.murray at bbsrc.ac.uk> writes:

    Frazer> Has anyone come across any problems (or tips) regarding
    Frazer> the Lane Guide Identification Kit run on a ABI 377. I
    Frazer> assume if I upgrade the software (Collection 2.6 and
    Frazer> Analysis 3.4) I can still run gels without the 5th dye if
    Frazer> I wish. Is this right? 

Yes, you can still run 4 dye collection.  If you create a 4-dye sample
sheet, you will only be presented with 4-dye module files; if you
create a 5-dye sample sheet, only 5-dye modules.

The instrument firmware also remains 2.5 (which has been 5-dye ready
all along).  This means that if you interchangably run with old and
new collection software (for some odd reason), you won't get
complaints and questions about whether to reload firmware.


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