DSEQ : G3 or G4 for 377?

Renata.Lee at aventis.com Renata.Lee at aventis.com
Thu Mar 9 11:54:52 EST 2000

Hello All,

We are planning on replacing our old 7200 to a G3 or G4 and I am wondering
what people are running with their 377 (particularly with 96 lane upgrade).
I also would like to know which OS version the Macs are running ; which
version of Data Collection & Data Analysis you are running with the G3's or
G4's and any problems you encountered with the upgrade.  ABI tells me that
only the Blue & White G3 's will work with their Analysis software but this
G3 has been discontinued.  

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Renata Lee
Aventis Pharmaceuticals


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