377 communication problem

Andrew Louka andrew.louka at biotek.uio.no
Thu Mar 9 07:07:19 EST 2000

It sounds like this is/was a long standing problem.  Zapping the PRAM
is a pain as you have to reset the clock, AppleTalk settings etc.  You
may like to try using the following software instead, which lets your
PowerMac function as if it has an FPU:


-I haven't a clue if it affects PE software, but I doubt it.


On 2 Mar 2000 11:00:50 -0000, Alan Wilton <dna at unsw.EDU.AU> wrote:

>A problem we have encountered that caused similar communication failures in
>the past is MAcs that forget they are PowerMacs and go looking for the
>Floating Point Unit software which it does not require.  Zapping part or
>all of the PRAM generally solved these problems for a while.  Some programs
>ZAP more PRAM than holding down alll the keys that you have to be a
>contortionist to press while starting up.

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