3700 error

Paul Shinn pshinn at mail1.sas.upenn.edu
Tue Mar 7 21:15:12 EST 2000

: "Start up has failed as a result of database not running.  Contact your
: Administrator"

: Our instrument crashes fairly frequently since we upgraded to 1.1.  We see
: this error message after restarting the computer, upon trying to re-launch
: data collection.

    Could it be that Orbix is not running and that HyperTerminal is not
connected?  I have NT automatically start Orbix and I manually start
HyperTerminal after I turn the 3700 off then on.  It connects on its own. 
If that's what you have, the ABI technical rep said it is not unusual for
a large majority of people to have to reinstall 1.1 before EVERYTHING
worked as well as in 1.0.  I'm still reextracting everything after
DataExtractor does it because something isn't quite right.  I haven't had
the time to take our 3700 down to reinstall 1.1.  Soon, though. 


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