DNAseq 3700 basecaller and the Mac - NT switch

Bernd Weisshaar weisshaa at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de
Fri Jun 23 02:05:36 EST 2000

Dear DNAseq'ers,

even if the new basecaller helps - has anyone information from PE/Abi
on a mac-version of the basecaller(s) for the 3700?

We have some 377s and one 3700, and a number of Macs which are used
for data analysis and file distribution. If it's required to
re-analyse the 3700 data on the Macs, only the old basecallers can be
used ... or are there other solutions?

Thanks and best regards, Bernd

>     Has anyone tried the POP-5 Beta Basecaller? I see it is available at
>their web site:
>     Specifically how well do the chromats generated with the modified
>beta mobility file work with phred?     (This Basecaller, etc. is
>supposed to address the POP-5 mobility issues (1st 100 bases). I'm
>trying to decide whether to install it. I probably won't be able to
>resist trying it...)
>Phillip San Miguel
>Purdue University Genomics Core Facility


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