ab1 and netscape

Barbara Simionati rhteam at eos.bio.unipd.it
Tue Jun 20 12:07:10 EST 2000

we are setting up a sequencing service in Padova (Italy) and we have
prepared a web site to interact with our customers, but we have a
problem with Netscape.
We put the chromatogram files from our 3700 (.ab1) in a directory
accessible by the customer to be downloaded but when you click on the
file name Netscape seems not to recognize the file and open it in the
window and do not allow you to download it; this does not happen with
Internet explorer, and does not happen in Netscape if you download an
.abi file from a 377 (for example from PE web site).

Does anyone know which is the problem with Netscape


Barbara Simionati
CRIBI - Universtity of Padova


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