Big dye sequencing

Louis Geller demode101 at mail.earthlink.net
Thu Jul 20 10:10:58 EST 2000

I think there is a big difference between leaving the samples at 60 degrees
and cooling them to 4 degrees.  I have left big dye reactions at room temp
for quite a while without any problems.

I'm not sure what happens if the samples remain at 60 degrees for a while.

Frazer Murray wrote:

> A quick question.
> How important is it to cool the sequencing block to 4oC after the final
> step in the sequencing reaction? Could the incorporated dyes be degraded
> if it is not cooled? I am asking after an accident where the heated lid
> did not switch off after the final reaction step and so remained at 60oC
> for several hours after. The reactions had all failed when run on a gel.
> Many thanks
> Fraze.
> --
> Frazer Murray
> Roslin Institute
> Scotland.
> frazer.murray at bbsrc.ac.uk

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