'2000 International Forum on Biochip Technologies

Wan-Li Xing wlxing at tsinghua.edu.cn
Wed Jan 12 01:50:17 EST 2000

Dear colleagues,

'2000 International Forum on Biochip Technologies will be held at 11-13
Oct. 2000, Beijing, China. 
Over twenty famous specialists in the field of biochip will give speech
on the forum. 
The forum is devoted to biochip areas including 
Microfabrication Technologies for Biochips, 
Automated Microarraying Technologies, 
Drug Screening Chip, 
Protein and DNA Chip and 

The website of the forum is http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/docsn/swxprd. 
There is detail information about the forum on it. 
If you are interested in it,please visit it and register online or you
can also contact me.

Best wishes

Dr. Wan-Li Xing 

Biochip Research & Development Center
Department of Biology
Tsinghua University
Beijing, 100084
P. R. China
tel(fax): 86-10-62773059 
e-mail: wlxin- at tsinghua.edu.cn


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