Genbase on ABI 377

Hanekom,E,Elizabeth,Ms eh at anat.uct.ac.za
Wed Jan 5 07:38:55 EST 2000

Dear all
We are starting to use the most recent version of GenBase, and we 
have a couple of problems.
First: When creating a pedigree from GenBase it asks for a 
descriptor. What is a descriptor?  And where in GenBase do 
you enter the information? 
Second: There seems to be some confusion when transfering data from 
Genotyper into GenBase and then back to Genopedigree. When the 
category (marker) info is imported from Genotyper into GenBase it is 
called Categories, but when the same info is exported from GenBase 
into Genopedigree it asks for Markers and not Categories. Therefor it 
won't export the info. 
Elizabeth Hanekom
Department of Human Genetics
1st Floor Anatomy Building
Medical School, UCT
Cape Town
Tel. 4066425
E-mail: eh at anat.uct.ac.za

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