Licor Sequencing

Jannik Helweg-Larsen jhelweg at inet.uni2.dk
Fri Feb 25 07:50:53 EST 2000

In contrast, we prefer the Epicentre kit. We have just compared the Amersham
and Epicentre kit on plasmid sequences: the results were very close, however
the resolution of the epicentre kits is a bit better in the end of the
sequences (66cm, 0.2mmgels)and we find that it is a bit easier to work with
this kit by preparing 4 mastermix'es with all reagents, adding the DNA at
last. In addition the Epicentre kit requires less DNA than the Amersham kit.
We have also experienced that good quantification+ purification of
DNA-template is essential. Currently we use wizard miniprepfollowed by
Ethanol precipitation as specified by Promega.

try also these web-pages:
Licor discussion group: http://biodiscuss.licor.com/

good luck

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