377 communication problem

Paul Shinn pshinn at mail2.sas.upenn.edu
Thu Feb 24 12:35:42 EST 2000

: I had a similar problem once, where the machine stopped in the middle
: of a run.  After hitting the cold reboot button on the back of the
: 377, and sending over a fresh firmware image, everything worked again.
: The firmware image had somehow become corrupt.  We're all still
: stumped to this day about how.  It's never repeated itself.

    I've got one to beat that.  PE upgraded one of our 377s to 96 lanes
which was connected to a PE supplied Mac 4400.  Every few weeks or even
days, the whole system would freeze in the middle of the run.  You could
only move the mouse;  the run was lost after that point because the
computer would not reconnect to the 377.  PE didn't think much of it and
had us resend the firmware before EVERY run.  That almost worked all the
time.  Anyway, after the engineer, who confided in me that the 4400 was
never thoroughly tested with the 96-lane upgrade, lobbied to get our Mac
replaced, we got an older 7200 and there hasn't been a problem since. 


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