Baker's Dozen on the 3700: 13 plates for the price of 12.

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at purdue.edu
Wed Feb 16 13:14:41 EST 2000

    No problem running all 104 caps on the 3700. I run an
extra column of 8 rxns from a separate plate each time I do
a 96-well sector of a 384 well plate. I started an 8 run
batch last night--that would have given me eight 96-well
sector runs plus 2/3rds of an additional 96-well sector[1].
Were I to do a 12 plate batch run, an entire extra 96-well
plate sector could be completed in those runs. That would
make it a baker's dozen--13 for the price of 12.
    There isn't much to it. I just set the max number of
caps/run to 104 under preferences and made an extra plate
record with the correct number of columns in it for my extra
plate. The software schedules 104 cap runs with the first 96
from one plate and an additional 8 from my extra plate. I
created additional identical run modules to make this
process simple. That is, the first plate sector (of 96) and
the additional 8 from the extra plate all invoke the same
run module: A1_runmodule. The second plate sector (of 96)
and the next 8 from that extra plate invoke run module
A2_runmodule. And so on. No difference between A1_runmodule
and A2_runmodule--just different names.
Phillip San Miguel
Purdue Genomics Core Facility

[1] "would have" because I stopped the batch after 7 plates
because a large number of my capillaries were losing
resolution--so I needed to regenerate my array.


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