96 well microplate/bioblock centrifuges

Andrew Roger aroger at IS.Dal.Ca
Fri Feb 4 11:10:21 EST 2000


We are gearing up to do 96 well minipreps in the 96 well 2.0ml
"bioblock" (QIAGEN) or similar format.  I have been trying to find out
what microplate centrifuges (or rotors) can be used for both spinning
down cultures in the 96 well 2.0 ml blocks as well as reach sufficient
speeds to do ethanol/isopropanol precipitations to clean up big-dye
terminator reactions.  Right now I know the QIAGEN/Sigma 4-15 centrifuge
+ microplate rotor can do this, but it is incredibly expensive (more or
less double the cost of other desktop microplate centrifuges).  Can
someone point me to other options for microplate centrifuges that would
be less expensive but can accommodate the 96 well 2.0ml bioblocks AND
has sufficient speed to do ETOH precipitations in 96 well format?  I
realize that Sorvall has a rotor that will do this also, but its also
pretty expensive and our Sorval c-fuge is on its last legs.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Roger
Dept. of Biochem. and Molecular Biol.
Dalhousie University
Halifax, N.S.
B3H 4H7

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