Status of direct genomic sequencing

Dr H Crooke hcrooke at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
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	ed_taboada at hotmail.com writes:
> Hi folks,
> could someone point me to literature outlining the current status of
> direct genomic sequencing?  I've been out of the sequencing loop for the
> last couple of years and would like to know if there are reliable
> protocols being used to generate sequence data from genomic DNA using
> gene specific primers. We are interested in determining the allele of a
> particular gene in a large number of bacterial isolates. We were
> leaning towards PCR and hybridization with allele-specific probes but
> someone mentioned that we might want to try direct sequencing instead
> and we are definitely intrigued. What are people's views on this ?
> thanks in advance,
> Ed
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There are protocols available at Washington (Bruce Roe) I think and Cheryl Heiner (ABI). I find genomic sequencing reasonably reliable but I have way to go to perfect it.

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