Disgruntled POP5 user

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at purdue.edu
Wed Feb 2 11:30:32 EST 2000

Paul Shinn wrote:

> [...]
> And since I've got a POP6 spatial for the same array, I guess I
> can just go between the two if needed.

Are you sure the caps didn't get moved a little when you installed the new
"Loading Block Blank (P/N 4314334)"?  If that were the case then it wouldn't
be a difference between POP5/POP6 spatials, but just a consequence of the
transition from v1.0 to v1.1 hardware. Of course if you have done a POP6 run
on the machine you have running v1.1--then it is a POP5/POP6 spatial issue.

> Next challenges:
> --run more than 2 BDPs in a 4 session run with POP6
> --improve injection parameters with POP6 and POP5 modules under 1.1
> --run one 384 with POP5 then 2 384s for whole-day unattended run (with
> foil piercing) AND write perl script to automate sample sheets.

If you run 2 384's, make sure to go into preferences and change maximum
number of runs in a batch to 8 (or higher). Mine was at 5 and my machine did
5 out of the 8 runs and then just sat there for a few hours until I arrived
this morning. I just hit "run" again and it continued, but I lost a couple of

>                                         Paul
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Phillip San Miguel
Purdue Genomics Core Facility


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