Sample stability on 3700 deck

Sead Taourit staourit at pasteur.fr
Fri Oct 29 06:34:23 EST 1999

       Paul Shinn wrote:

>    OK, one more question about using water to resuspend samples.  I've
> found when using only water, the initial peaks are VERY strong and then
> the signal quickly fades out.  I started with the 50:50 of water and
> formamide/EDTA but the samples degrade by plate  4, however, the
> peaks were more even.  For those of you running with water, is it just
> water or have you doped it with a touch of formamide or EDTA?
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    To resuspend our samples, we use 0,3 mM of EDTA (no formamide). We
have good results with this method. But maybe, there is a better method!
    Good luck!

Sead Taourit
Institut Pasteur
Laboratoire GMP

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