reading 377 files on Windows

Andrew Louka Andrew.Louka at embnet.uio.no
Thu Oct 28 07:51:59 EST 1999

Yes indeed.  The PC version is the same as the Mac version, as far as I
can gather, except that interactive assembly hasn't been included yet in
the PC version.  I understand that this is to be added in the
not-too-distant-future (note:  1 year free upgrades after purchase).  An
*expensive* programme, but a real timesaver!

See: http://www.genecodes.com/

Also, MedProbe in Norway have just become local distributors for the
European Nordic countries.  http://www.medprobe.com/no/ (may not be on the
'net yet).


I do not have any financial or other commercial interests in Gene Codes,
their software or their distributors.  I just like their software!

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> Sequencher is now available for windows NT.
> (something analagous to Sequencher for Macs)

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