Problems with gel

Alan Wilton dna at unsw.EDU.AU
Thu Oct 28 05:27:50 EST 1999


It sounds like the old "build up of junk" on the plates to me.  Makes sure
that they are clean by stripping them with NaOH.


>Hi everybody,
>we are running long ranger gels in our lab at 5.25% with TBE, also
>degassing for 10 minutes, following the protocol completely, but our
>resolution lately for the last ten days has not been good at all. lanes
>are smeary, fading. we are also storing our premixes in the freezer and
>thawing it before we use it. also the thawed acrylamide is in the
>refrigeratot for a couple of days before we get to use it. we are also
>thawing the acrylamide right when we get it and aliquot it out. I am
>wondering if repeated thawing and freezing ( twice) causing a problem
>with our gels. Also does anyone know how long we can use the loading dye
>that is kept in the refrigerator, is there a break down time frame for
>dye and for acrylamide?
>any info will be very much appreciated.

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