1000 bp protocol

Bernd Weisshaar weisshaa at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de
Fri Oct 22 06:03:07 EST 1999

Dear Barbara, dear Christian, dear DNAsequ'ers

the 1000bp protocol for 377 was developed by the German PE support 
stuff and tested in a number of German labs. For us, it worked quite 
nicely since quite some time, so I mentioned it in an Email to the 
group assuming that PE has already distributed it. After a number of 
replys asking for the protocol, I tryed to find the PE web page which 
has the protocol we got, but I failed to find that page.

After that, I leaned that PE Foster City is still testing the 
protocol. They are planning to prepare a User Bulletin which includes 
an official "1000bp protocol" (beginning of 2000). To get the 
protocol now, you should contact your local PE support people. They 
should be able to give you the details. The reason for this way of 
action is that the support people want to get things set up in the 
best way. Implementation of the protocol is not too difficult, but 
also in our case some tips and tricks from the support were helpful 
to get it going.

The trick to increase data collection time is simply to restart the 
gel run at the time the first signals are detected from the 48-wtr 
gel. This way, you discard all the "black" data collected during the 
time the smallest fragments need to reach the detection area.

Hope this helps. You may contact me directly if not.

All the best, Bernd

>Dear Bernd,
>This is a copy and paste of Christian Vasseur's message directed to you,
>since it says the same words I would write to you:
>could you provide us the PE "1000bp protocol" or an URL where we could
>find it?
>I am unaware of it but very interested in it. And also what are you
>thinking about when you say "and you have to play tricks to increase
>data collection time."
>Thank you for your help.
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>    Barbara Simionati
>    GRUP Sequencing Core
>    CRIBI Biotechnology Centre
>    and Department of Biology
>    University of Padua, Italy


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