multiple basecalling errors (solution)

Darek Kedra Darek.Kedra at cmm.ki.se
Tue Oct 19 16:12:48 EST 1999

Dear all,

I think I own this explanation to the very helpful people from Amersham
and other customers, either current or potential, using the same kit. 
Our multiple basecalling errors errors were due to simple human mistake.
Gel making protocol "mutated" in hands of one of our students. The gels,
containing 2x TBE buffer, were electrophoresed at a much lower speed.
Spacing between peaks was therefore incompatible with our sequencing
matrix. I expect to fix these sequencing gels by making a new matrix,
compatible with 2x TBE gels. I will keep you posted about the results.  
Apologies for crying wolf. Amersham's kit works very well in our hands,
whenever we stick to the protocol ;-).

Darek Kedra

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