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Christian Vasseur cvasseur at zeus.cochin.inserm.fr
Mon Oct 18 04:43:35 EST 1999

In article (Dans l'article) <7u6qvk$ij2 at net.bio.net>, Bernd Weisshaar
<weisshaa at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de> wrote (écrivait) :

> Hi,
> we had good results with lambda DNA from Qiagen preps. However, also 
> that was not really stable. To me, it seems that this DNA is not 
> sufficiently pure. I recommend to our users to do PCR on the lambda 
> DNA. We use the resulting PCR fragment as template, and that worked 
> quite well for us. The drawback are problems with large genomic 
> inserts, but even in such cases two outward primers from the probe 
> combined with vector-flanking primers help sometimes.
> We use the PE "1000bp protocol" provided by the PE people at 
> Weiterstadt, and that works really well. But the instrument is 
> occupied a long time, and you have to play tricks to increase data 
> collection time.
> Regards, Bernd
Dear Bernd,

could you provide us the PE "1000bp protocol" or an URL where we could find it?
I am unaware of it but very interested in it. And also what are you
thinking about when you say ">and you have to play tricks to increase data

> collection time."
Thank you for your help.

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