multiple basecalling errors

Darek Kedra Darek.Kedra at cmm.ki.se
Tue Oct 12 12:22:45 EST 1999

Dear all,

I am an ABI 377 user. We recently switched from Perkin Elmer BigDyes kit
to Amersham's DYEnamic ET terminators. 
Surprisingly after few good runs we got a series of gels with multiple
basecalling errors. Instead of single As, Cs Gs and Ts, we are getting
several of them (AAAs and so on). I have remade the matrix file and
copied the original "DYEnamic ET Term (US80872)" mobility file, but to
no avail. 

Any comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated.


Darek Kedra

Darek Kedra, M.D.      e-mail: Darek.Kedra at cmm.ki.se
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