ABI 373XL, 12cm plates

[iso-8859-1] Eleftherios Panteris eleftheriosp at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 12 12:19:05 EST 1999

Hi, I have a question about the 373XL.
Does anyone knows how to run a 12 cm plate with out
buying the bracer with the built-in temperature
controler ( which costs £410!)? At the present I have
the normal hot plate which must be removed for the 12
cm plates.  If you run it this way I get an
temperature control error message.  I've tried pluging
in the tempperature control on it own, but it still
gives an error message.
If anyone uses 12cm plates using any other way besides
the ABI one, please let me know.
I would be grateful.

University of Sussex UK
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