Fragment analysis study

DUANE ALAN BARTLEY dbartley at welch.jhu.edu
Wed Nov 24 05:39:55 EST 1999

The Fragment Analysis Research Group (FARG) of the ABRF (Association of
Biomolecular Resource Facilities) has begun conducting a
multi-center study for facilities or individual researchers currently
involved in fragment analysis. The study consists of analyzing two test
samples that have been amplified and are labelled. There is no PCR or
purification required. The FARG is interested in comparing the allele-size
calling characteristics related to different equipment, gel types,
standards, and other operating parameters. Results from the study will
be presented at the 2000 ABRF meeting in Bellevue, Washington, in February,
   For those who are interested in participating, test samples are now
available and can be requested by contacting the following address:
dbartley at jhmi.edu.
  Results from the FARG survey presented during the 1999 ABRF meeting are now
available on the ABRF website:
  We would also like to remind everyone that they still can participate in
last years survey which assesses core labs that offer fragment analysis. To
participate in this study go to:
and follow the links from the Fragment Analysis Research Group activities
  Members of the Fragment Analysis Research Group would like to express their
appreciation to everyone who participated in the survey.

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