ABI 377 96-lane upgrade: does it work?

Barbara Simionati rhteam at eos.bio.unipd.it
Fri Nov 19 10:26:57 EST 1999


I was wondering if, among all those people that have purcased ABI 377
sequencer 96-lane upgrade, there is someone that have succeded in using
it without problems of mixing lanes, and if so what is your secret.
I am also curious to know if someone have tested the MWG "automated comb
loading for gel based DNA sequencing systems"
(http://www.mwgbiotech.com/products/pcr/robots/index.htm), and your
opinions on this new system.

Thanks in advance


Barbara Simionati
CRIBI Biotechnolgy Centre
University od Padova
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e-mail rhteam at eos.bio.unipd.it

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