help someone !!!

ADITYA MITTAL(97D07038) addy7de at ccs.iitb.ernet.in
Sat May 29 11:49:29 EST 1999

i desperately need to know the following information .....

absorbtion maxima, emission maxima of following dyes which are
used to tag dna fragments for capillary electrophoresis 
experiments. i am not a "gene" man but i need this info
to design a detection setup which uses fluoresence to detect 
the dna fragments.
the dyes are:- (1,3-propanediamino)-propidium(propidium-2), propidium-3,
thiazole orange (TO),(N,N'-tetramethylpropamediamino)propyl thiazole
orange.... and their homodimers.  


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