New Guide to Sequence Analysis

Andrew Louka Andrew.Louka at embnet.uio.no
Tue May 25 15:29:24 EST 1999

Hi everyone,

I would like to say thank you very much to the many of you who responded
to my request for 'beta-testing' feedback last month.  You will notice
some subtle but important changes to the site in line with your
suggestions.  I've kept a couple of ideas in my back pocket (time has been
very short just recently).  Most specifically, the next release of the
site is likely to emphasise protein sequence analysis rather than DNA,
based on it's superiority in most situations.

If you have any other comments, or requests for link additions, please do
continue to e-mail them to me.

The guide to molecular sequence analysis is now available.

Please note the _new_ and permanent home.  Remember to update your


Once again, thank you to all of those who were kind enough to send me
feedback.  Your e-mails were all appreciated.


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