ABI's new paper combs

Skip Vaught, Brian Coullahan, Mark Schwartz, and Felisa Blackmer Skip Vaught, Brian Coullahan, Mark Schwartz, and Felisa Blackmer
Sun May 23 19:25:55 EST 1999

Hello fellow DNA Sequencers,

I need your wisdom again to solve a problem we've encountered with ABI's
new paper shark's tooth combs. About 5 minutes after running buffer is
added to the upper chamber and the comb begins swelling, the gel actually
recedes away from one or two teeth, forming a channel between the adjacent
wells. We are absolutely sure that all teeth were contacting the gel when
the comb was placed between the plates! And because the swollen combs are
locked in rock solid, we can't press the comb down further to make contact.
We have been using the new combs for about week and this irritating
phenomenon has occurred on about half our gels.

This is especially disconcerting because we will soon have our 96 well
upgrades installed and were told by tech support that the paper 96 well
combs were the best solution to preventing leakage (between wells) with the
new step plates.

Please, help!

Skip Vaught
DNA Sequencing Service
University of Arizona


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