96 well gel loader

Alison Brown abrown at well.ox.ac.uk
Mon May 17 17:42:58 EST 1999

We've been trying out 96 well loaders in our lab recently.  We've had the
Hamilton, the Prismpette and the Kloehn loader.  While the Prismpette is
easier to hold as it is a traditional multipipette shape, we found the trial
model difficult to use due to uneven pipetting, also we were unable to reuse
the tips provided so it works out very expensive.  The Hamilton loaded very
well but the mechanism used to adjust the width of the pipette was very
unstable meaning that the tips wouldn't remain in the same place whne
loading.  The best one so far is the Kloehn, it is basically the same
principal as the Hamilton but the mechanism to adjust the width is far more
positive and the spacing cannot move once it has been set.

Hope this helps,
Alison Brown
Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
Oxford UK

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