Long Ranger degradation

Paul Rasmussen paul at ib3.gmu.edu
Thu May 13 14:30:28 EST 1999

I was wondering what people's experience was with the 50% long ranger
solution over time.  We've been using the same bottle for >1 month and
over time our sequences have turned to junk.  At this point, migration
is faster, the first few bases (maybe 20) are clean and quickly
thereafter end up looking completely unintelligable.  The other thing
I've noticed is over time we seem to be getting a visible line (blue)
after roughly 500 scans (salt? acrylic acid?).  All runs are on 48cm
plates 96lanes 4.75% gel.  Of course (though it has to be mentioned), I
used fresh APS, checked my TBE and all that stuff.

    Would it be advantageous to store it in the refrigerator (RT is
recommended on the bottle) and maybe aliquot it?  I'd really prefer not
to have to use singel packs, but I'm afraid I may have to if we can't
keep consistancy any other way.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be


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