Sequencing using thermocyclers other than the PE9600

Sequencing sequencing at rigel.com
Sat May 8 17:54:47 EST 1999

I am inquiring as to whether anyone is successfully using a MJ Research
PTC100 for cycle sequencing.  We are performing 10ul and 20ul reactions with
BIG DYE chemistry and are obtaining very low yield for our extension

MJ Research has explained their cycler is very different from the 9600 - it
begins timing after the block itself has reached temperature and does not
take into account the time required for samples to reach temperature.  I
have tried adjusting the times and still have not been successful.  

Has anyone has experienced similar problems with non-PE cyclers?  I would
appreciate any advise.

Thanks very much,

Monette Aujay
Rigel, Inc.

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