Tor Slettnes slettntn at pebio.com
Fri May 7 04:10:01 EST 1999

>>>>> "John" == John  <jcrews at ib3.gmu.edu> writes:

    John>     2.) We have determined that we don't need to run our
    John> gels past 9000 scans. We use the gel image while the 377 is
    John> running to determine when the run has reached 9000 scans and
    John> then terminate and analyze the data.  However, our
    John> electropherograms extend out far past 9000 scanss (e.g. out
    John> to 11,000 or so). Why is there such a discrepency?

Quite possibly a problem in our collection software.  9000 scans x 4
colors is 36000 - perhaps we are reacing some type of a record number
limit at 32768 (which would actually be 8192 scans).  This is the
largest number that can be held in a "signed short integer" variable.

Because version 2.6 is being finalized these days, it would help if
you could provide a few more details, so we can get a fix in.

- Is the number of scans you can get indeed about 9000, as you say?
Does it happen to be a more specific constant number?

- Is this specific to e.g. a 4X run?  For instance, if you are running 
2X, do you get only 4500 scans?  (I.e. is this related to run time)?

- Do you see this happening only in the Gel file view?  Does the Scan
Window keep updating?

- Because your electropherograms go further, I assume there is more
than 9000 scans' worth of data in the Gel File.  Have you been able to 
verify that this is the case through some other means?  (For instance, 
what is the gel file size?)

If you have more details - we'd appreciate them.  I'll also talk to
someone about trying to get this reproduced inhouse.


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