John jcrews at ib3.gmu.edu
Wed May 5 17:08:33 EST 1999

    I have  couple of questions

    1.) We have noticed that when we run complementary strands
(different primers) next to each other on a 96 lane gel of our 377 that
we get a lot of spacing problems. For example, we run four primers of
one specific region that we want to sequence next to each other on the
same gel. We have a few ideas as to what is going on, but they don't
really make any sense. Do you know what is happening to our samples?

    2.) We have determined that we don't need to run our gels past 9000
scans. We use the gel image while the 377 is running to determine when
the run has reached 9000 scans and then terminate and analyze the data.
However, our electropherograms extend out far past 9000 scanss (e.g. out
to 11,000 or so). Why is there such a discrepency?

Thank you for you help.


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