web poster of ABRF DNA Sequencing Research Group 1999 Studies

George S. Grills grills at aecom.yu.edu
Thu Jun 24 17:22:22 EST 1999

Dear Fellow DNA Sequencers:

A web poster of the ABRF DNA Sequencing Research Group 1999 Standard and
Difficult Template Studies is now posted at
The title of the poster is Evaluation of the Effects of Different DNA
Sequencing Methods on Sequencing Standard and Difficult Templates, Expansion of
a Web Based Quality Control Resource, and Establishing a Test Array of
Sequencing Templates.  The overall goal is to analyze the effect of different
sequencing methods, chemistries, and instrumentation on the quality of
sequencing results.  This poster presents the results the last analysis of data
collected for these studies.  An analysis of new data will be presented at the
11th International Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference in September of
1999.  Thank you for your past and future participation in these ongoing

The ABRF DNA Sequencing Research Group

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