3700 top-heavy data

Gys de Jongh GysdeJongh at csi.com
Thu Jun 17 18:14:51 EST 1999

Amy Avery <AAvery at pavonis.com> wrote in message
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> We obtain ~350 good bases from our new 3700 sequencers, but would like
> to get more.  The signal is high in the beginning and then falls off
> early.  The raw data view looks like a ski slope, with the signal
> Also, anyone know of a cheap/user-friendly Primer Design program?  How
> about recommendations for microarrayers for cDNA library screening and
> gene expression?

we experienced the same problem. Most of it was due to a imperfect lot of
POP-6 (The fluid gel for the ABI 310) Seems there was not enough edta. We
also found that this effect disappears at a higher concentration ready
reaction mix (big dye terminator chemistry) and/or lower  [template] if the
template is longer than about 1kb . See DNAclub at
freeware for primer design. Also searches for the best pair.

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