PE3700 Purification of Sequencing Reactions?

Robert Chadwick chadwick-1 at medctr.osu.edu
Wed Jun 16 13:22:47 EST 1999

Dear Sequencers,

We have just had our 3700 sequencer installed and were hoping for suggestions on the best way to purify Big Dye Terminator sequencing reactions.  For our 377 sequencers we currently use a modified 96 well G50 purification method and collect in millipore polystyrene plates.  We do this to reduce costs and  because we get better sequencing results with G50 purification than with ethanol precipitation (ie no blobs and longer reads).    However, for the PE3700 the reactions must be in Perkin Elmer 200 ul 96 well PCR plates.  Does anyone have any recommendations or tips on the best way to purify BDT sequencing reactions.  If so could you please post or email to me?  I will post a summary if people prefer to email me.

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