Automated sequencer which one?

Jannik Helweg-Larsen jhelweg at inet.uni2.dk
Sat Jun 5 20:38:27 EST 1999

Although I realize this is an old question, please:

Our lab is contemplating buying a new sequencer- probably either ABI 310 or

Having used Alph Express for direct cy5 sequencing of PCR products some time
I am bit disappointed with this system and would like to hear if anyone has
good or bad experience with the Li-cor system or can compare this system to
the ABI-system?

Do Li-cor users actually get 900-1000 bp daily??

How do the running costs compare?

Our use would be mainly small-scale sequencing, not big genome

Jannik Helweg-Larsen, MD
Department of Infectious Diseases
Hvidovre Hospital, Copenhagen University.
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