ABRF 1999 DNA Sequencing Study

George S. Grills grills at aecom.yu.edu
Thu Jul 29 04:02:13 EST 1999

Hi Carsten,

The link for the ABRF 1999 DNA Sequencing Study is

- George

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>Date: 27 Jul 1999 23:10:12 GMT
>From: John Barlow <john_q_barlow at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: Change: 2ALFs into 1 377 or 310
>Hi Carsten:
>Before decidng to purchase the ABI 310, please see the results of an
>recent test of DNA sequencers by ABRF.  Please check the archives of this 
>to find the link.
>In article <7njrbu$180 at net.bio.net>, hohoff at uni-muenster.de says...
>>We have two ALFexpress DNA sequencers that we would to chage into one ABI377
>>or 310 machine - would anyone 'out there' be interested ?

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