377 Communication problem

Amy Avery avery at sprcore.bidmc.harvard.edu
Tue Jan 19 15:32:24 EST 1999

It seems our computer is not communicating correctly with our 377XL

2 months ago the electrophoresis stopped after running for less
than one hour. I started a new run and it ran fine.  I thought
we had saved too many gel fileson the harddrive, so I trashed them.

Three times last week, the laser remained on standby during a
platecheck. Also, a run stopped after less than one hour.  I
again started a new run. Last night I began a run and then
checked the status.  Although I selected Run and not Prerun,
the clock was counting down from one hour.

What we've done so far to try to fix the glitch:
Re-set the machine; sent the firmware image.
Restarted the computer.
Defragmented the computer
The above did not seem to solve the problem.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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