ABI 310 sequencing software

Ron Swanson rswanson at diversa.com
Fri Feb 19 16:52:11 EST 1999

>I think that Sequencher is VERY user-unfriendly. Sequencher is packed
>with a lot of useless features and it is too expensive.
>In my opinion, LaserGene is not only a much better program,
>but also costs much less.
>John Barlow, MD

Dear John, 
User-unfriendly is a description of sequencher that I've never heard before.
We have sequenced literally millions of base pairs with it, including the
1.5 MB Aquifex genome , and never had any problem with Sequencer. It seems
like a very ituitive program to me. Alot of research assistants come through
the lab and they all seem to pick it up very quickly. I have to admit that I
am not familiar with LaserGene but I wouldnt want anyone to be discouraged
from trying the demo version of sequecher.
Ronald V. Swanson
Director Of Genomics and Protein Expression
Diversa Corporation

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