DNA seq 80 lane combs

Harold G. Hills hhills at iastate.edu
Fri Feb 19 16:46:55 EST 1999

Richard Cook had a question about the 80 lane combs.


They are 80 well combs from the Gel Company.  We load them by hand partly
because we do custom sequencing; that is we may use 4 or 5 cyclers for a
bunch of reactions to accomodate primer conditions etc.  Not that much
longer than doing the 64 wells.  The well size is the same as 64 well comb.

It does add a problem because the 96 well upgrade looks for a narrower lane
than the 80 lane comb.  Requires more manual tracking when there are lanes
that fail.

The gel company also makes a 96 well comb that is 0.2mm thick to be used
with the standard plates.  Bruce Roe's group uses them and loads with a
multichannel loader.

The Gel Company
665 Third Street #240
San Francisco, CA 94107
415 247-8760

CAK80U-020 is the part number for 80 well

CAK96C-020 is for 96 Custom Silk

CAK96U-020 is for 96 Sharkstooth

The custom silk provides a larger well.
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