DNA Sequencing Study deadline

George S. Grills grills at aecom.yu.edu
Wed Feb 17 17:42:48 EST 1999

Dear Fellow DNA sequencers: 

Please submit your data to the ABRF DNA Sequencing Research Committee 1999
Survey by the end of this week, Friday, Feb. 19th, in order to be included in a
preliminary report of results at the ABRF’99 meeting in March.  The study has
two parts.  The first part involves sequencing a standard pGEM template. 
Information on how to submit data is posted at
http://mbcf.dfci.harvard.edu/dsrc.html.  Please note that the pGEM submission
deadline has been extended to the end of this week.   The second part involves
sequencing challenging templates.  Instructions on how to request samples and
submit data can be found at http://brcweb.bio.cornell.edu/dsrc99.  Both
parts of
this study will continue to accept sample submissions after Feb. 19th, but data
submitted after this date will not be included in the first report of results. 
Thanks for participating in this study.

The ABRF DNA Sequencing Research Committee:
George Grills (chair) 
Scottie Adams
Mary Kay Dolejsi
Susan Hardin
Doug McMinimy
Theodore Thannhauser
Duane Bartley (ad hoc) 
Paul Morrison (ad hoc) 
Ron Niece (ad hoc) 


 George Grills
 DNA Sequencing, Oligonucleotide, and Microarray Facilities
 Albert Einstein College of Medicine
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 Bronx, New York 10461-1602    
 Tel: (718) 430-2657
 Fax: (718) 430-8778
 E-mail: grills at aecom.yu.edu
 DNA Sequencing: http://leper1.ca.aecom.yu.edu/dnacore
 Oligonucleotide: http://sequence.aecom.yu.edu/oligo

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