Unclogging Hamilton syringes

Herve Crespeau crespeau at genoscope.cns.fr
Wed Feb 3 16:58:22 EST 1999

Dear Paul,
In our sequence facility we routinely use Hamilton syringes. Our clean up procedure is the 
following : After loading (usualy 6 gels) we rinse 8 time the syringe (mean fill enterely the 
body with distilled water, and unfill it on a paper) and leave it filled. If a clogging appear, 
let the syringe on a sonicating bath several times (ie sufficient to unclogged it)

> From: Paul Shinn <pshinn at mail2.sas.upenn.edu>
>     Does anyone know of a good way to unblock Hamilton syringes.  I've 
> used this current one for less than 10 loads and it's already blocked!
> After we're done loading, we rinse the syringe with DI water and leave it 
> filled with DI until we load again.  Any ideas?
> --
> Paul Shinn 					   
> pshinn at neomorph.bio.upenn.edu 			 

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