Unclogging Hamilton Syringes

Suzanne Mcneely smcneely at invitrogen.com
Wed Feb 3 17:16:31 EST 1999

If you look in the Hamilton Catalog there is something you can buy that
looks a lot like pipe cleaners but they're about the width of a hair. I
can't remember what they are called since I haven't used them in a very
long time but they fit in the syringe and the barrel and can usually
dislodge most clogs except for the very stubborn.  For upkeep I rinse
with DI h20 but I don't store it with h20 still in the syringes. I
haven't had any problems with mine for about a year now. I usually have
problems when someone unfamiliar with it tries to load with it. I also
hide mine since curious bystanders tend to screw with it causing all
kinds of trouble.


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